Whitsand With the Fellas

whitsandJust a picnic planned last minute by May & Sean. I never been here to this beach. It was one of the longest sandy stretch in Cornwall. So, I woke up so damn early like 8am..get to the launderette to get my laundries done. Check my emails, do a bit of house cleaning, and fix me a lite breakfast of noodles. Not realising the clocked has ticked pass, i only manage to run over to rendezvous with the guys before 81B bus to Withsand Bay approaching!

Sean panicked and called my mobile, luckily I was few yards away by North Cross. There I met May, Sean, CJ, Ivy, CK, and Leong all geared up. I regretted wearing my track pants cos I worried it might rain cos earlier it was cloudy & there were signs of downpour. David didn’t turn up cos i heard he is busy. We arrived around 10.40am. Didn’t knew it was so remote that access is quite difficult. We find a spot to relax & play. Here are the pics of the day:


Managed made it back to Plymouth around 3.30pm.

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