Sorry, You Were Out

I was awaken by May’s phonecall about tomorrow’s outing to Whitsand Bay by the way. She adviced me about the itinerary tomorrow as Sean and gang has decided to make it much earlier around 9am to make our move to the beach.

I replied, the earlier the better so I could get back to Plymouth before 4.30pm. It was 11.30am and I only slept around 4 hours again. My PC was on though throughout the night and forenoon cos i was downloading some stuff via Torrent. It was gloomy cos it just rained outside, so gloomy that i decided to take a shot of the silhouette of my monitor. Dropped the URL of my lastest ‘hyped’ LJ to tha RC in MSN. Blast my speakers cos it is a weekend and go take a shower!

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