1st Rant

So, what the hell I am doing here? I am not good at words, nor do I have words to say, but since I have registered – oh what the hell why not give this bloggin shit a try?

I registered last week and abandon it for awhile just to enter some strange C********** ala Alice in Wonderland but the owner of C********** ain’t Alice. (Duh) And so here i am tryina fiddle around with some not-so-known functions and even though I am an Internet savvy dude, this whole bloggin thing is a new thang’ for me thou. But let’s not blame it back to me cos LJ is not as good as it seems. I spent my 1st concentrated hour to get the gallery up by editing some of my photography job here. Oh, hell..when I wanna upload it, it says that duh, my account is a free one and to do so, i need to upgrade my account to a paid account WTH?

So i have wasted my first few hours just tryina play around with the PG and now LJ tellin me that my effort was ‘screwed’? Sue you! Damn, thought of having those nice piccies up to make my ‘own’ wonderland of picturesque! The moral of the story is ‘choose your bloggin site’ wisely twahahaha…screw u LJ. Thinkin of migrating it next time.

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