BBQ @ Dave’s

bbqDave, Helen, Roger, Erin, Ivy, CJ, Purav, Ira, Gina, Joerg, Simon, Michelle, Antonio & myself.
Prologue: BBQ at Dave’s – celebrating his success in acquiring a job, plus enjoying the British summertime.

Well, its been sometime now since we gathered again like this. It is also a pre-farewell gathering for Simon & Michelle who is flying back to Malaysia this Wednesday.

Tha Group
BBQ at Dave’s backyard. Enjoying the erm…summertime?

It was the start of World Cup as everyone was World Cuppy feeling – WAPing, checking phone, texting friends about results & constantly ‘ballin’. It does not affect the whole atmosphere though as everyone was having a great laugh starting with Antonio, our Spaniard buddy – our very own renown chef from Spain kick-starting as the firestarter to the grills. He loves fire, playing with fire & starting fire..i wonder if he loves Pyro in X-Men or FireAngel; Malaysia’s faymes celebrity blogger. HaHa!

The sun was hiding for awhile as a cool breeze swept across the garden, we thought is gonna rain but Dave with his meterological skills like Storm of X-Men, predicted that is gonna be slighlty cloudy but rest assured – its not gonna rain at all. After all, pictures spoke a thousand words;

Celebrity Chef
Antonio: I play fire, light fire & worship FireAngel. Need to tell more? Even Devon & Cornwall Fire Services is scared of me.
Dave: Yeah, cos you are the no.1 arsonist in Plymouth.
Antonio: Hey, dont play with fire mate.

Celebrity Chef
CJ: Who allow the media in? I thought this was a private function! Hey you, keep that camera away from me!!
Parav: Perasan VIP….teeheehee.

Antonio’s fire.

faya starters
Antonio’s Hell’s Kitchen – featuring chefs from India, Indonesia, Spain & Malaysia. (WOW, mini UN).
CJ: He is goin nuts for a raw drumstick.
Antonio: This is called marketing my friend, marketing…

faya starters
Crowd: Too many cook will spoil the stew.
Chefs: Oi. does this look like stew to you? This is BBQ..!

faya starters
Smokescreen effect.
CJ: Choke now! The knife is here!
Simon: I choke cos of the smoke la!
Antonio: They just never grow up innit?

faya starters
Antonio: You know the perfecto way-o to cooko chicken or barga is too..
Parav: EAT IT LIKE ME! *munch munch*
CJ: *Applause*

faya starters
Our celebrity of the day: Pinky Erine.
Erin: Dontcha all know i was born to pose like that kno..

faya starters
Most successful Malaysian lesbian couple *winks*
Mich: We dont need men to get a baby.
Ivy: True that…all we need is the court ruling.

faya starters
Mich: If Simon & me can get this kinda color wah so hang fook.
Me: Cheh, dreamer..lei chou siong..

faya starters
Ivy: You know hor, fortune teller say hor, this line hor, leads hor, to this end hor..blablabla hor..blablabla lor..undesten?
CJ: Even if lightning strike me now also I will never understand!

faya starters
Group pic group pic! (mua, Antonio, Dave, Parav, Joerg, Gina, Ira,Ivy, Simon, CJ, Michelle & cheek Erin.

faya starters
Me: (Tired la, my hand aching liao..)

faya starters
Hide & Sneek
CJ: Muahahaahaha…i can c u.
Erin: No you dont no you dont..muahahahaha..
Simon: Muahahahahahahah….muahahaha

faya starters

faya starters
Erine: Warghhhh…dont anyone touch him.
ME: Awww..scared the shit outta me.

faya starters
Hungry bastards.

faya starters
Joerg: I miss my Soomi..(sings ‘wo deng je ni huei lai..)

faya starters
Antonio: Your cloth is nice, can I have some of those.
Erin: Mommy, there’s a Spaniard pervy!!

faya starters
Crowd: You sure Gisselle will melt?
Antonio: I’m very sure that my wedding date will be fast forwarded half year earlier from the proposed date!

faya starters
Antonio: Ahh, nice smoochie..even Giselle cant challenge this cupcake.

faya starters
Ivy: (brags) You know ah, I can operate this high end digicam ah with my eyes close..dun belip ah?
Gina & Mich: WHOAA….so keng!!

faya starters
Ivy: (brags) I can even take a crisp flake outta the container with my eyes close.
Crowd: Whoaa….serious shit!

faya starters
Ivy:(brags) I even can talk to people with my eyes close…
Crowd: WHOAA…..enough enough. So lame.

faya starters
Murphy: Woof woff..I used to be Robocop, but now im a doggie.

faya starters
Helen:I reckon reckon reckon…
CJ: ugh?

faya starters
Dave: Whats itching?
Simon: Nah, just some old pus behind my back.
Dave: Ewwwww!! Disgusting!

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