England vs Paraguay

footieEngland won 1-0 over Paraguay. But crappy game la from England. Damnit. HAMPEH LA. Beckham n his buds doin the oompa loompa in the field. Too much drinking i guess or too much sexin the nite before give them sucky legs & appalling control over the roundie.

The atmosphere was great, the crowd was loud & the chicks were hot. That is The Roundabout, opposite the University of Plymouth.

Cheering drunkards.

The pub giant screen which is not so giant.

Drunkard singing out loud. U wouldn’t wanna have those ceiling fallin on u.

Suck your fingers babe!!! I know u wan to!

Bar area. Jampacked with drunkards.

U got problem with me taking photos mate? T*** face.

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