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Ayer..so taik one.. i came across this Joombot that says it supports all clip playin from YouTube, Google, iFilm, Metacafe & Vimeo. This Joombot was known as AllVideo Bot.

I have been dyin, like dyin to find a plugin/bot to enable clip embedding & linking. I got clip embedding working thanks to this JCE editor that supports Flash, QT & WMV. the good thing is it is user friendly & straight forward but the shit thing is, you gotta upload your clips to your webserver to play em! It doesn’t support linking to external resources
god damnit.

I try to test link a YouTube clip from Allure & the Hongkong Bus Uncle. It turn out OK. But i cant get rid of the “alt” tag. Dunno why..& strangely though, the embedding uses IMG command instead of EMBED. If I use EMBED, the clip wont appear & the next thing you go & edit…the tag just disappears!


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