Boxing Day Outings Part 1: Lunch

I always loved to dine in China House because of its ambience and quality food. As for this Boxing Day, I’m organising a lunch session with the gang in that atmospheric traditional English pub. I called up the pub at 10am just to check out if they were open during Boxing Day and to my surprise they did, and we are not required to book. China House is NOT a Chinese restaurant. The name was meant to be that way to commemorate its past as a warehouse for storing goods from the Orient, hence the name was used till today to remember its glorious past.

China House – the car park and entrance

As planned, me and Sarmin arrived there right around 2pm and was greeted by Dave who was already there. We entered the pub and told the member of stuff to arrange a nine seater for us as most of the tables there only cater up to 4-5 seater. So to be able to achieve a nine-seater, some smaller tables need to be joined. The helpful member of staff then sorted out our table and surprisingly it was our usual spot – the right wing of the pub which was secluded from the main corridors which leaves us plenty of space for us to chat and muck about.

The Meals – my pinta’ Guinness and 12oz Sirloin steak + gravy + chips + yadas

The Atmosphere – just laughing and chatting away

A friendly waitress soon came and took our order and for the first time in many months I treated myself a thick 12oz sirloin steak accompanied by a pint of Guinness which was my favorite combo every time I dine traditionally (as in English). I was tempted with the sweets offered after the meal like some fancy ice creams and desserts but the guys are all filled up to the max. Since there were no ‘kaki’ to accompany me, I then ordered a glass of Bailey’s coffee to compliment myself for being able to finish the meal.

Groupie random pics

Took some pics during the makan sessions;

Group pic of the gang

We parted and head to the cinema to watch Night At The Museum.

Note: The next parts will be backdated.

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