Xmas Bash 2006

Prologue: At Dave’s place, Glenholt again with great fun and laughter.

Party starts at 6pm with us dining on two classy table set-up by Dave, Helen & Roger – very restaurant like. The table was served with few bottles of sparkling wines, gammon steak, beef and turkey accompanied with some roast potatoes, gravy, peas, baby corn, brussel sprouts etc . May, Seon, CJ, Ivy, Gina & Dave sat one the front table while myself, Sarmin, Roger, Helen, Su Yee & Aeryn sat on the second one.

The hungry people at the table

Had a toast with everyone followed by popping up the party poppers and pulling crackers.

The scene at the table.

Devouring session lasted for more than an hour before everyone did a exchanged gift. The coolest gift comes from Dave himself when he presented each person a 1GB USB pen drive bought during his recent trip to Malaysia. The gang presented presents to the host as well with Helen getting a multipurpose container, Dave an antique motorbike and Roger a set of paintbrush.

Goodie swap. Beware of striking pinkies.

I got a pink ‘Electronic Money Bank’ thanks to Sarmin. It does look gay as it was PINK and at first we thought it was just a toy but it wasn’t. This sophisticated box behaves like a personal banker which records any money bank-ins and also withdrawal. It comes with a security card which that can be used to access the box. Good stuff as a suitable replacement of ‘piggy banks’ and now we got ‘pinky banks’. Other stuffs unveiled in the swap are some MP3 players, first aid kit, toiletries etc.

Arguing with Aeryn about choc fountains.

We played Jenga for awhile before helping ourselves with some chocolate fountain with some marshmallows, and mini donuts.

Everybody gettin’ jenga wit’ it….

Then we played Twister. For ya’ll who dunno what game is Twister, it is a game where;

Fun-loving people of all ages Twister is the only game where you are the game pieces as you and your opponents get tied up in knots. Spin the spinner to move your body around the mat. The last player to fall wins. For 2-4 players.

And the aftermath of the game is;

Total chaos where stances that was never seen before was pioneered on that bloody mat!

Close your eyes if you see obscenities and topsy-turvies! Yikes!

The game turn anyone into an avid plasticman – twist and turning and forming funny acts that was never before seen. Thats the magic of twister!

The finale was a DVD showcase in Dave’s room. Since majority haven’t seen Pirates of The Caribbean: Deadman’s Chest, Dave took the honors to roll the flick up in his menacing cool projector.

Party soon ended around 2am on Boxing Day. Before parting we agreed to meet up in China House the next day for lunch. As for the party I would like to extend my thanks to Dave, Helen and Roger for their hospitality into co-organising this party and played their role so well as an excellent host.


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