Boxing Day Outings Part 3: Booze!

Prologue: Boxing day boozing

After the movie, we hangout in CJ’s place before going for a dinner and booze session at Kong’s place. We spend our time there cracking jokes and make ourselves hungry by all means necessary.

At 7.30pm we make our move to Kong’s place in Stonehouse which was a 10 minute journey through the one-way streets of Durnford area.

We were greeted by Kong with his all-time smiley + hospitable face. We were then directed to the kitchen where the party takes place. As we entered the kitchen; the table, food and booze has already been prepared to welcome us. Kong was well known with his culinary perfection thus give us no surprises as everything was very organised and prepared.

Without our knowledge, Kong has prepared us a starters which consists of spring rolls (popiah) and soup. And for the main course, we have got roast turkey and beef accompanied by a wide range of boiled salads with a reasonable range of booze ‘material’ such as spirits, wine, and champagne. Never to fail us, there were fruits as desserts for us to refresh ourselves after those heavy devouring and scoffing off session.
Knowing that Kong was going to spoil us all tonight – not only by filling us with all his goodness graciousness, he has got a plot to intoxicate each and everyone of us (including the drivers) by feeding us alcohol non-stop. Not to forget that Kong also presented each and everyone of us an exclusive pressie (thanks woi!)

First victim goes to Su Yee who puked few times after the booze, and Ivy with her crazy antics and followed by other’s minor tipsiness that enough to create a n almost-demented pandemonium in the kitchen.

Our chats started off with scary stories, funny stories, memories of the past and at the end; some semi-lewd and hilarious subconscious acts by all Kong’s honourable subjects (us of course!). Too proud to mention that I am in one of those crazy acts caught in video by Seon.

We left past midnight when some of us couldn’t cope anymore and will meet up next morning for breakfast at Weatherspoon’s Barbican.

It was an awesome night thou. Thanks Kong!

The crazy lot

Happy Boxing Day!!

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