Weatherspoon Farewell

It was a sombre morning as the sky was dark and gloomy where everyone meetup in Weatherpsoon Barbican to have our final feast and bidding farewell to each other for the year’s end. CJ’s side turn up late as Su Yee wasn’t well that morning as a result of hangover from last night’s booze.

I was feeling quite guilty for coaxing her all the way through to booze even though Seon has already showed signs that he wasn’t pleased with my behaviour and my actions.

Me, Dave and Sarmin turned up early as early as 10am, while the rest of the guys only make it nearly 45 minutes later. The early birds had our breakfast earlier than the rest as I have to rush to work after that.

Nothing much as the session short-lived because Seon, May & Sarmin had to hit the motorway as best before noon so to avoid being caught up with jams. Just like Malaysia, vehicles are mobilising back to the city as holidaymakers make their way home from the villages and hamlets after the festivities.

After finishing my meal, I’m the earliest to leave as I have to continue working after two days off.
At 11.15 I bid farewell to the gang and went to work.

I wish I could turn back the time so that I can prolong the time and make it end slower as I felt that their stay in Plymouth wasn’t really long enough though.

Well, time goes on and so are we.

Note: Pic is still pending. Seon, pls hurry!

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