2K6: The Wrap Up

2K6 so far has been a challenging year for me as I am still struggling for career building. As for the rest, it has been great and awesome when it comes to friendships. Many new friendships has been harnessed, and 2K^ also has been a witness to the dwindling scale of our circle of friends but the ‘survivors’ remaining is still strong.

I would like to take this opportunity to;

  • Wish all my family members, friends, colleagues, acquaintances (net & real life) a Happy New Year for the great year that they have provided.
  • Apologise to those who I have hurt – deliberately or indeliberately. I’m only human as I have imperfections and flaws that leads to the mistakes that I made. I apologise for all that.
  • Pledge the word of peace in hope that 2007 will bring more peace and stability to the entire world as a whole

And here are the list of people that I wanna extend my wishes;

  • Family – parents & siblings for being there for me. Thanks for your prayers to me and may God bless us all with a better future, making us stronger and persevere as a united family throughout 2007, till the end of time.
  • The Gang/UK-ers – Sarmin Kho, David J.Bowers, Raymond Yap, CJ Tjhai, Ivy Tiam, CS Tan + Missus, May Tan, Antonio Souto, Alex Ting, CK Kong, Joerg Wolf + Soomi Yang, Vysia Yong, WL Sun, Gina Tjhai, Ira Tjhai, Yi Duan, Kar Kit, Tina Tang – Thanks for all the good times that you have provided me with your company, your concern and the best of friendship that I ever had during my time here in the UK.
  • Ex-UK-ers – Yee Heng, Kok Hoong, SZ Teh, Keng Woo, Wai Kyan, Michelle Wong, Simon Looi, JC Ng, CY Lim, MK Chew, Deric Kong, YJ Lam, Mike Cheong, HY Su, Koka William, Cherry Li, Adelyn Lim, Fang Qin, Andrew Tai, Ben Liang, Rocky Lam – Thanks for all the old good times that we have shared in the past. Look forward to see you guys and stay in touch.
  • Acquaintances – Dr. Yazan, Ivan Khor, Dave Candystore, Corey Parkes, Emily Goh – Thanks for everything
  • TransMYian – All members & Neo Wreckers. – 747 rawks. So are we and you!
  • Scouts – Akmarul Nizam, Shahrul Nizam, Jason Ooi, Mike Cooke, and Graham Eagle. – Thanks for the BP spirit and the friendship
  • Work – Sunny Seow, Jessie Seow, Charlie Chan, Glenn Louch, Marco Carlino, Graeme Baxter, Annie Wong, Peter Li, Andy Xiang, Levi Yang, Yu Zhen, Jon Manning, Rawad, Ken Leung, colleagues at WTG – Thanks for the guidance and money!
  • Netters/BloggersNgin Yen, May Wong, Sharon Chin, Joan Choo, Sharon Ong, Clayton Koh, Lillian Chan, Yen Yen, Angie Chong, Azhan, Hafiz, Evelyn Loh, Sharine Cheah, Ling teoh, Janice Looi, Lynette Lee, Rayleen Tan, Ringo Tan, Ee Ching, Ee Leen, Alice Tan, Dean Arif, Evelyn Chan, Cindy Eunice Lim, Emlia Chuah, Jolynne Yap – My alternative pals, you are as good as the real buddies I had. So please don’t feel left out!

To those who I have left out in the list, please don’t feel ostracised. God bless ya’ll.


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Dean Arif
17 years ago

Yo brudder!
Happy New Year! Wish you good health and all the best for your studies there…

17 years ago

My wishes for you:

Great start for Jan
Love for Feb
Peace for March
No worries for April
Fun for May
Joy for June to Nov
Happiness for Dec

Have a lucky and wonderful 2007!!

Me: My wishes 2u – thanks for fallyn..

17 years ago

Happy New Year 2007!

All the best in this new year.

Me: Same 2 U. Nice blog u got there. 

Sharon Chin
Sharon Chin
17 years ago

Oi! Happy New Year! 😀 Thanks for the wish! C Ya!

Me: Thanks for ur card. 

Ir Akmarul Nizam
Ir Akmarul Nizam
15 years ago

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