Easter Outing

eo.jpgHappy Easter holidays!

Its been sometime now that our meetup are on some weeks of hiatus, and we managed to squeeze some time amidst of our own hectic life for an evening of coffee, roast chicken, game of pool and a flick.

Dave returned right on time when the Easter holiday starts. Along with Soomi, Joerg, CJ & Ivy all five of us managed to catch up with one another during the hiatus at our nearby local Starbucks. To tell ya’ll the truth, Starbucks is just 2 minute walk away from my house but yet, I don’t go there so much so often.

Some snapshots of our meet up;

The regulars

The regulars – with me on it.

The till

The drinks

The funnies

The blurred ones.

At 6pm we proceeded to Nandos, at Barbican Leisure Park. Our initial plan was to dine in China House at Sutton Harbour (again!), but was then dismissed as Ivy and CJ had better suggestions for the dinner, and therefore they suggested we go for chicken instead. Chicken is not a David thing, but majority rules.

So we cramped in Dave’s old Mazda with CJ putting so much effort not to make his head towering up so that we can escape unseen by the traffic cops as we are already considered ‘overloading’. The journey was safe and smooth as we arrived in Barbican Leisure Park avoiding 2 patrol cars along the way. Go figure!

We soon requested for a six-seater in Nandos and we got the middle seat located at the back. Partially hidden by a big ornamental wood-thingy (not sure what to call it) where it was just located right behind Ivy’s back. We were praying that the ornament was stable enough as if it really collapse towards our direction, I will have the most gruesome head-gut splat on my face in my entire life!

Nandos – the menus.

I was ‘egoistically’ challenged by the fact that they claim Nandos was offering the hottest and spiciest sauce that Plymouth ever had. Even their menus say so, and I am so keen to find out if they can beat the crap out of me when comes to spicyness. Not to self-boast, so far not even Thai, Indian or sambal belacan can defeat me. Bring it on!

Looks can be deceiving..NOT!

Nice till and open kitchen..wahey!

The decor and ambience’ – superb.

Order order! Pay all about it..HERE.

A German, Malaysian & a British..and a menu of course.

The 3 devils of hotness they claim..lets see if you are a match for me!

Pilau rice half-brother??

Salad & olive oil

Siew kai yek, ngo chui jong yee sik…

Finished. The chillis doesnt amaze me at all.

They fail to beat the crap out of me with their 3 signature devils, but this place is a must go if you crave for chicken. Staffs are friendly and the ambience is simply marvellous. The price is very reasonable, and on top of that, the service is excellent.

We then grab our ticket for Hot Fuzz, a British cop comedy. Ivy and CJ opt out on that cos British comedy doesn’t work on them, plus they have got things to do. They accompanied the four of for a game of pool before going home while myself, Dave, Joerg and Soomi proceeded to the theatre after the game.

Some pro look of the gang tossing em’ balls.

Ivy tossing

Ballz galore. Toss em all.

CJ did the toss finale.

And at 8pm, we all watch this;

Fuzzy eh?

Movie reviews later in the next post.

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