Formally Discharged

wkIt’s Wai Kyan’s last day here in Plymouth. He will be officially discharged from his barrack this coming Friday & due to leave UK for Malaysia in a forthnite’s time, & this Easter trip down to Plymouth will be his last. I can’t recall how many times but I think this is one of the last farewells that our gang gonna have.

CK done well on organising this by throwing us an exclusive lunch in his PCQ home.

Last huggie
Ivy: “Can kiss? Only once?”
Wai Kyan:[whispers] “Better not lah, your bf is staring at me now.”

Before we bid farewell, CK organised a farewell lunch for him in PCQ. Here are the moments that we had before he left;

Last huggie
Final munch. Courtesy of CK.

Last huggie
WK: Wah, Kong’s cookery never fail to impress. Utterly speechless!
CK: For real? I heard last days are the best of lies.

Last huggie
CJ: Eat while you can. You will starve in the train if it delays whilst on track.
Ivy: Can you not scare people on his last day?

Last huggie
Final pic.

Last huggie

Last huggie
CJ+ivy & WK.

Last huggie
CK: Let me SMS the train driver so that it reaches here in time.
CJ: Wah, I dunno that you have train driver friends?

Last huggie
Train at stall in terminal 5.

Last huggie
British trains never fails to delay. Delay + Impressive = Depressive.

Last huggie
WK: Wah your SMS works in a jiffy.
CK: That is where culinary skills come handy mate.

Last huggie
WK: Im officially discharged! From the barrack & from you guys!

Last huggie
WK: Chow peoples. See you in Bolehland.

Last huggie
The goners never been forgotten.

Best of luck bud. Don’t forget to supply me lifetime strawberries if you own a plantation in Cameron Highlands.
So who’s next in the row? Heard is Michelle + Simon. You lucky buggers.

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