Eight Below

Director: Frank Marshall
Genre: Drama/Adventure
Starring: Paul Walker (Jerry Shepherd), Bruce Greenwood (David McClaren), Jason Biggs (Charlie Cooper), & Moon Goodblood (Katie).
Plot: Brutal cold forces two Antarctic explorers to leave their team of sled dogs behind as they fend for their survival.

Eight Below
Spoiler: Mentioned in ‘Read More’, please click below.
My rating: 5star(could be more is damn good ya’ll)

Being a dog lover myself, I just so wanna blog this. This awesome movie was based on the real story that happened to a group of Japanese scientist in the 1950’s which was then adapted to a movie ‘ Nankyoku Monogatari‘. But only 2 dogs from 14 dogs survived in the real incident whereas in Eight Below, to make it more kiddie-friendly, Disney decided only 2 dogs died out of 8 🙂

Well, the story is about an Antarctic guide’s fondness of his dogs. During the middle of a research & expedition, a freakish storm occured & the expedition team need to be evacutaed by all means. All they got was a small plane with a gorgeous pilot (yah Moon that’s you), & the priority of course goes to the humans, their equipment & their research samples. So, no room whatsoever for the dogs. To make matters worse, the dogs are then chain-tied outside the base camp, while they (humans) make their getaway outta the place. The dog handler, Jerry was so hesitant to follow the party at first therefore upon arrival to the HQ, he requested for some rescue plane to fly back to base camp to evacuate the dogs. Unfortunately, his requests was turned down & due to this ‘heartbreak’, he isolated himself for few months. At the end, he braved himself to go to New Zealand in hope to ‘hitch-hike’ for a vessel to bring him there. To his surprise, his crush, colleague & the scientist that he once helped before raise a fund, & funded his expedition solely to rescue the dogs.

During the process of Jerry getting back to rescue them, the dogs have to endure the storm, starvation, threats, & deaths within their own members of the pack. They persevere with strong courage & endurance whilst practised a credible (pack) code of honour.

Eventually, they managed to go with a fancy copter, cool snow vehicle (thanks to the Italians) & a tough ice-breaking cruise from the land of the Rings to rescue the dogs. When Jerry arrived, Old Jack was already dead with his collar still intact. Jerry was then greeted by Max, who is now the leader of the pack, after Maya ‘dethrone’ herself from the pack due to her injuries. Dewey was no where to be seen as he died of his injuries from the great fall during their early stage of being on their own. Lucky enough that the team made it in time to rescue Maya & the rest. Before leaving, the team erected a cross to commemorate the dead dogs who couldn’t make it during their trial of survival for 175 days without their master.

Some cool reviews about this movie:

Love the dogs? or the babe (Moon Bloodgood)? I dig the dogs to be honest; & below just to show who is who since they look identical (dogs do’h)

The dogs

Disney’s website does not have pic of Buck as wallpaper. I have to nick it from elsewhere. The rest are from the wallpapers section here .

Some info about the dogs (Source: wikipedia):

  • Buck (6 year old). Doubles – Conan & Flapjack. Alasakan Malamute breed.
  • Dewey (4 year old). Real name ‘Floyd’. Doubles: Ryan (2 year old). Sakhalin Husky breed.
  • Maya (7 year old). Real name: Koda Bear aka ‘The Princess’. Doubles: Jasmine & Kalista. Sakhalin Husky breed.
  • Max (8 year old). Real name: DJ. Doubles: Timba. Sakhalin Husky breed.
  • Old Jack (4 year old).Real name: Apache. Sakhalin Husky breed.
  • Shadow (3 year old). Real name: Noble. Doubles: Troika. Alasakan Malamute breed.
  • Shortie (3 year old). Real name: Jasper. Doubles: Yukon. Sakhalin Husky breed.
  • Truman (3 year old). Real name: Sitka. Doubles: Chase. Sakhalin Husky breed.

This movie does make impact on the viewers as many viewers sobbed throughout the show especially ladies & not to mention guys come out with teary eyes as well. So, if you were the next to watch this superb flick, make sure you got your tissues ready, at least your boyfriend’s tee will come handy just in case you can’t help about being ridiculously teary. Hahaha. Peace out.

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