Get Regimented

vishI did have thoughts of toning down my shape but thanks to my very ‘demanding’ diet, I always fail to do so. Soon we come up with a plan to play badminton and by keeping this a weekly thing, we hope to achive the ‘shape’ that we wanted therefore organising a badminton session in Marjons courtesy of Visha.

What is bad about the game is none. But what came after that was disastrous. FOOD!

ready for food
Dave: Just one more..arghh..

ready for food
Just some pics on that day.

ready for food
We gotta smile for food!

ready for food
Visha: Arghh…please don’t take pics of my messy kitchen. Paiseh la.

ready for food
Visha: The basic principle is stir stir fry fry, so you get stir fry.
Visha: Finish this & please don’t come again.
Us: We don’t mind leftovers.

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