Happy Duan Wu Festival

bakzhangBakzhang time again which is one of my favorite Chinese festivals of the year. Why i love Duan Wu? Is all down to the dumplings of course. While typical Malaysian Chinese had the normal glutinous rice in black sauce filled with meat, salty eggs and bits & pieces of grain, me & my family is enjoying the Indonesian Chinese version.

Seriously, my mom can make around 3-6 types of bakzhang but my favorite has to be the marinated minced meat in glutinous rice. The minced pork meat is seasoned with pepper and salt then rolled up in balls. After that, the minced balls are coated with glutinous rice. The rest of the process is similar like the standard meat bakzhangs.

The other Indonesian Chinese version is also minced meat with boiled rice. The minced meat instead of being packed raw, this version is being cooked as in stir frying the minced meat with black sauce, sweetened with oyster sauce and seasoning. Once done, we use boiled rice as coating to the meat where the meat will become it’s fillings.

All these porkie business on Duan Wu is madness. Can’t leave without em dudes.
Happy Duan Wu peeps. Pork is nice 🙂

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