Langkawi Trip (D3): More Wiring Work

4-12 thpFriday, 4/1/209 – As wiring was accomplished yesterday, today is going to be a one man show for the yachmaster itself as Dave is going to work on his engine room alone. Alone as the room only permit one entry at one time. Since the engine is a big boy itself imagine how much space he had taken in that puny small room of a 39 footer yacht.

I only act as backup when Dave needed me to shove those cables in. We managed to do some isolation troubleshooting on unwanted cables to the engine. It was really surprising that we had nearly 10 redundant cables that is not being used for so long. So what the heck they were lying there for?

After the isolation process, we managed to keep the cables to a minimum hence minimizing tangle and dangle that pose safety risks.

Still much work had to be done on the two smaller cabins. Dave ended up doing most of the stuff there as it was only accessible by only one person at a time and dealing with these mechanics is his forte that is unquestionable by anyone.

We stopped around 5.30pm and scramble to Kuah for an evening at Orkid Seafood with Mr.Chong, our contractor and Mr.Goh, an acquaintance whom is an Operational Manager for Langkawi Saga Travels & Tours (Langkawi Coral). We picked up Mr.Chong just before reaching the eateries so he can guide us there since the evening was under his arrangements. The whole meal for the evening has been pre-ordered.

The menu for the evening  is Chinese styled cooking consists of Peking Duck with pancakes, steamed garlic prawns, Loh Han mixed vegetables, wa tan hor and some braised chicken in black sauce. The evening was all cordial and fruitful as new acquaintance were made for the benefit of the business.

The gathering wrapped up around 9.30pm as Mr.Chong needs to get his new SIM card after his mobile phone dropped in the sea at Kuah Jetty earlier (poor chap!). We proceeded ‘home’ to Telaga Harbour after exchanging contacts with Mr.Goh.

We managed to take some pics during our break;

[svgallery name=”091204″]

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14 years ago

is this some sort of hobby thingy of yours? what’s tat ‘boat’ for? doesn’t look like it can catch fish

Admin: Yes, hobby…Not a trawler buddy, its a leisure yacht. Wow, I didnt know you perceived me as if i am a potential deep sea fisherman. cheeky!