Langkawi Trip (D2): Working On Yacht Lighting Systems

wiringThursday, 3/12/09 – Woke up early around 8am. After doing some bathroom routines, we went to the marina office to get my own internet access to the marina’s wifi. The access cost me RM18, for the whole week. These smart asses does not allow internet access sharing for a single account. That is why all attempts to use Dave’s access the day before was proven futile.

We went back to the yacht to chill before working. I got to try my internet access. It does not work for me at the beginning and it seems like my Gbridge virtual networking thingy does not like my new access. Had to do some disabling on that. The collateral damage even goes to Hamachi. That one had to go as well to clear way for my access.

It works, and I got to do my FB-ing and some catching up on the news and politics online. The surfing experience really sucks. The RM18 access looks like it is only worth RM1 as the internet is crawling like retarded snail. Well, I am only 3 more days here, so nevermind.

After done some online, we start working on the yacht’s lighting systems. Dave had connected 5 earlier before my arrival with makeshift wiring. The transistor LED lights were imported from US and they were unique that they had 2 lighting modes – one is the tungsten-like lighting and the other one is the reddish-like lighting for night vision purposes(?).

Our task is to tidy them up (the wirings), so holy..we had alot of sawdust lingering around the air as a result from those drillings on wooden latches to make grooves for the cable fitting. Occasionally, those effing thing get into our eyes and boy it hurts. We manage to properly secure the wiring on the ceilings with some proper cable tacks, minimize dangling by shortening the wires and concealing them behind those latches by the wall.

The toughest part is to bring all incoming wires into the control panel and we shoved the wires beneath the floors and pulling them out on the other end. Our hands and shirts are all dirty and we look like some rookie marine engineers onboard.

After all the re-wiring is done, we tested the system, and it works though the lights flickered abit as the refrigeration on a dedicated 240V cabling  disrupting the lights who is on a 12V cabling. We managed to fix that by giving the lighting a dedicated 240V cabling to the mains, and that solved the problem.

Our contractor Chong gave us a visit just right before we finish and Dave spoke to them briefly about what needs to be done.  Finish just before 7pm and get some cleaning up and hurried to Tapaz for dinner.


This was taken right during sunset when we were still seated below. This view is through the top latch of our boat.

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Almeta Alverson
14 years ago

Great post mate! Where’s the subscribe button? Haha