Belated Birthday

bdayHappy birthday to me. I am 31 now, old and penniless haha. Well, I had things for a change this year, and it was the opportunity to celebrate my birthday with my family after 10 long years in hiatus. I missed the days of celebrating birthdays in England with my buddies. I never forget the memories of celebrating my birthday there during the peak of the summer where we were free to roam with our polo shirts and khaki pants grilling BBQ or satays in the open air at the compound of my house. Damn. How I miss those days!

After celebrating with close buddies, I think is wise to come home to the family, and this year I am presenting myself here after all those long lost years. Though it was delayed till August, I am glad that my siblings, girlfriend and buddy made it here to celebrate it with me.

Everything was ‘grand’ as mom took her time doing all the prep while sis, Yen, sis-in-law and everyone was helping up. I missed my mom’s cake and cookings and this time around I will ensure that all my guests enjoyed the same privileges that I have missed 10 years ago.

We did some satay for Dave’s request. He had lots of satay thanks to me in England. But this time, my mom is going to put her grills on the show, with her own Indonesian fusion styled satay. We had plenty of chicken wings to compliment with it, and not to mention alot of noodle, fruit, desserts and cakes on the table. Uncle presented Dave with a coconut, and Dave was too bloated to drink. I hope he likes a Malaysian countryside party.

Everyone was happily mingling with uncles and aunts chatting about trying hard to make Dave understand their Manglish (LOL). The party wrapped up around 11.30 when everyone is bloated and happy. We rushed to clean the compound and finish whatever left in the plate and trays. Soon after that everyone was glued to the TV until they hit the sack.

Thanks to;

  • Mom for the prep
  • Yen, my babe for the camera lenses, love them to bits
  • Bro & sis-in-law for the cool TF shirts!
  • Sis for another TFy t-shirt
  • Aunt & Uncle Choo for the angpow
  • Others for coming

Here are some treasured memories of that eventful day;

[svgallery name=”090821″]

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