Outing Around Bidor

Today I plan to stroll around to show Bee and Dave around Bidor. Bidor have nothing much really but worth seeing a few places such as the Gepai Falls which is known as Lubuk Degung by the locals.

We start off in the afternoon right after lunch. The weather showed signs of raining at the beginning but soon clear skies emerge. We made our getaway straight to Gepai Falls. The road is no different compared to my last visit more than 15 years ago. Though a local, I am not in favor of visiting Gepai Falls because of the dangers looming around the place.

As we are approaching, the road suddenly became narrower as marshes and undergrowth slowly downsized the road width. The big tree with a small shrine is still there, and we saw few visitors particularly Orang Asli kids loafing around.

I brought the both crossing a steel bridge connecting the two rocks and hurried below to the bank on the other side. As we step a foot down the stream, we can feel the sudden chill of cold mountain water. Beneath the bridge is quite deep and though it was the third rapids of the three, that area has claimed quite a number of deaths.

I advised the two not to venture further down as the current might be too strong. We shifted to the second rapids where we spotted a family picnicking. We walk towards the bank of the third rapids which is famous for most prominent deaths over the years. The whirlpool is dark green and the area is shrouded by shrubs and undergrowths adding to the eerie feeling of that place.

We did not stay long as the clouds are getting dark. The only worrying thing is the infamous mountain current that might gush down. That phenomenon claimed a few lives in the past year, and hell no, we are making our quick exit now. When we reached to the car it was already drizzling and there we met few volunteers from the Waterfall Survivors Malaysia. One of them had a brief chat with me and soon I found up she was Joe Yap, the founder of that group. They were there making rounds collecting rubbishes.

Seeing their dedication does make me feel small and worthless. These guys deserved more than a pat on their backs for the good job done. I hope I could join them someday when the time is right.

We left Gepai Falls and headed to Jalan Tapah for some fruit hunt. Bought some local fruits at the fruit stall in front of the dilapidated Taman Desa Damai. Spent a few minutes there pinching and tasting. The friendly shop staff made the trip worthwhile. The only downside is they are pricey. Oh well, it is not an everyday thing so there is nothing much to lose.

Dave had a sudden crave for sugarcane juice so we head downward to Taman Intan Jaya which is a centre for fruit stalls too. Technically both entrances from north and south of Bidor are served with fruit stalls! We ordered 10 cups and during the process I had an extreme tummy pain! It must have been those satays I grilled yesterday…We hurried while I struggle to keep my tummy ‘secure’ and once home, I rush for the toilets while they chill out with sugarcane!

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