‘Teh’ree Meals & A Departure

tehFew months ago we ‘sent’ Kok Hooi home, and this time it was Teh’s. This post is dedicated to Teh’s last days in Plymouth, and the last of the ‘makan’ session that we enjoyed together as a gang. Among the people who are here in this post is Hoong, Vish, Dave & Wai Kyan.

1st of the 3 Meals
Date: 16/10/05
Meal Type: Dinner
Who?: Teh, Hoong, Dave & Visha
Venue: Gibbon Street

Eat la
Teh: This chicken is so tough to eat.
Hoong: Maybe Wong use rejected old chicken meat from Tesco.
Teh: He is such a wanker.

Eat la
Dave: So surprisng to see a Chinese can’t use chopstick.
Vish: Wey, I’m mixed blood ok?
Dave: Hohohoho..!

2nd of the 3 Meals
Date: 25/10/05
Meal Type: Lunch
Who?: Teh, Hoong, & Wai Kyan
Venue: Weatherspoons, Barbican

Eat la
Teh: I wanna get English for the last time.
Us: English What?
Teh: English meal lah.

Eat la
Wai Kyan: The only good shit about the army is boozing,
& that’s the shit I’m holding now.
Us: Waaa….

Eat la
Getting Irishy. Say my name ‘G.I.N.I.S’

Eat la
Ambience in Weatherspoon, Barbican.

Eat la
Going English.

Eat la
WK: Damn is windy.
Teh: Arghh, my hair my hair..!!

Eat la
Cloudy waterfront.

Eat la
WK: You ain’t taking my drink right?
Teh: For da pose for da pose.
WK: You asphyxiate me…

Eat la
Me: Cloudy cafe-ing – not advisable in these circumstances.
Teh: But I still look kawaii with those lollies right?
WK: You start to remind me of Brokeback Mountain eventhough it is unreleased yet
Me; Goddamn, you can fortell future?
WK: Thats an army shit i learn man.
US: Waaa…

Eat la
Love the cap, but not the whip.

3rd of the 3 Meals
Date: 29/10/05
Meal Type: Breakfast
Who?: Teh, Hoong, & Wai Kyan
Venue: The Gorge, Royal Parade

I regretted that i forgot to take his pic. OMG.

Eat la
Hoong: Sugar is bad for your health.
WK: Yea, I know. In the barrack sugar is a rationed commodity
Hoong: For real? I ain’t buyin’ that shit, man.
WK: Army doesn’t believe in sweetness in life.
Hoong: No wonder you look like a saddo everytime you back. LOL.

Eat la
Going English again for the 2nd time in less than 1 week. *faints*

So, after those 3 meals we had a departure. And he left the ol’blissful United Kingdom for Malaysia on the 31st Oct. Good luck in your future endeavour bud. So who’s next in the list? I need to blog about ‘Shrinking Circles’ next year. *sigh*

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