Thrashing Pins

bowl_Well, it has been long since the last time we played bowling! My hands are itching, so badly to thrash those pins. Along with Dave, Hoong, Joanna & Chris, we organised an outing to Barbican Leisure centre to thrash some pins! It was quite a crowded day as it was a family outing day for the Brits but we manage to get a slot for our ‘berserking’ session.

So there we are – Chris, Joan, David, Hoong and myself booked for a 3 hours (3 rounds) of bowling session that starts from 3pm to 6pm. We started few minutes late as we need to wait for the late comers; Joan & Chris who have just finished work and travelling from Estover to Coxside is not a 5mins journey so to speak.

bowl1The trashers

Quite surprising that this was the first time Joan actually played bowling. David then keyed our names starting with Hoong, Myself, David, Chris and Joan. There wasn’t much to see as most of us are pro’s but the most entertaining bit i guess was Joanna. She tripped, felled, slipped, alerted the line alarm and cheesingly cute and funny with her antics when she got her strike, which is not bad for a newbie thou.

bowl2 Joan da newbie

bowl3 Mista Kowal-skillz

bowl4 Dave & his thrashing aura

Chris & Joan took turns taking pics, as i have foolishly left my cammie at home. Thanks to them i have some pics up in this journal!

bowl5 Hoong goes beserk!

bowl6 My lame mad thrashing skillz

The results:
1st round: me (first), Hoong (runner-up), David (third)
2nd round: David (first), Hoong (runner-up), me (third)
3rd round: David (first), Hoong (runner-up), Chris (third)

I suck through the end as my arms start to swell cos on 1 occassion i twist the shit and it hurts. We proceed through playin pool on the other end of the ground floor of that leisure centre and left around 7.30pm cos we are damn hungry! Cooked chicken ‘bak kut teh’ and feed 3 hungry bastards.

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