When Guys Meetup

When guys meetup, they talk and bitch like women too, from science to politics, from women to sex, from war to terrorism, from food to bed, from machine to engine, from gadgets to computers, from hobbies to interests, from movies to soap?

Lucky no soap involved.

The gang meet up to ‘celebrate’ our Dave’s homecoming, after leaving the country for 3 months to pursue his yachtmastership, and he passed (congrats) and bow he back, but being nicknamed Silverback; while having a penchant on Malibu and pineapple, a drink which is pretty much alien to him before he left the country. The only pineapple thingy we knew about him is the ring that comes with his gammon steak each time we eat out.

Anyway, welcome back buddy.


Picture speak more than words.

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