Akihabara Slayings

“Sick and tired, tied and sick”

The biggest shocker in news yesterday have to be the killing rampage in Akihabara district, aka Electric city where trendy techno youths hangout for fun, gadget hunt and street entertainment. Not sure what has gone into the minds of this killer as one can drive a truck and ram into pedestrians, injuring and killing them randomly in utter manic and madness.

TOKYO — A 25-year-old man who told the police he was tired of life went on a killing rampage in a popular shopping street in central Tokyo on Sunday, plowing his truck into a crowd of pedestrians before stabbing passers-by with a survival knife. Seven people died and 11 were injured.

From the report, it was clear that the man is facing a mental disorder having to endure all the hatred towards this world. Not sure if he listen to any of 2Pac’s song, but his scenario is best put in one of 2Pac’s song – Me Against The World. I think most of us wish we could have done the same when you’d feel the world is so shitty that everyone is out there take you for granted, being victimised or bullied, but hey,it wasn’t that easy to do and for this guy to have gone such extents is evidently showing that his disorders has crossed all the boundaries of sanity to insanity, thanks to the world that has just abandoned him.

Still, targeting innocent victims like those poor guys in the street doesn’t justify things.

The world is a shocker

Sad but true, we live in a world of ‘cosmetics’ where we just have to face things whether it is ugly or beautiful, something in between, and even to say beautiful it is not something that you will likely get for real as some beautiful things aren’t real because it’s either superficial or cosmetic, and that sucks big time.

To shock or get shocked.

In a way I do ‘symapthised’ with people who have been ostracised by this mean cruel world, but I DO NOT CONDONE what this poor soul has committed. Running berserk like that TOTALLY wrong.

A little bit of sanity can save lives, not only ours but others too.

Seeing that the world is so cosmetic, we need to evolve and become much tougher being, insulated from within, layer by layer shielding ourselves against the possibility of being duped by some so called realness. Sometimes being good doesn’t return merits, and like i said, the real world is full of unjust and unfairness, and it is up to us to withstand it, either to stand firm or falter hence crumbling away.

Damn, that guy just reminded me of these dudes;

No idea?? Go dig the history book or Google around. the keywords are ‘World War 2’, and ‘decapitation competition’. Is this a Japanese thing after all?

Anyway, my heart and thoughts goes to the victims that lost their lives in the incident. May they rest in peace.

This world is getting sick.

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