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This is a bad week for me as I was downed by some series of flu, coughs, sore throats and the funniest thing of all, is the lost of voice. Dragon Boat Festival just over and I haven’t had a taste of any bacang’s this year. I miss that delicacy is not because growing up eating them but the biggest factor of all is the food in this Anglo Nation sucks.

Consuming similar stuff day in day out sucks. Shopping for your groceries in the same bloody shop or supermarket sucks. Work and do the same shit day in day out sucks. Seeing the same bloody Chinese faces in town sucks (I’m Chinese too so piss off if you tryina insult hatred). Being boogeyed with the terrorizing media about your world and your neighbourhood is unsafe to live in sucks. Having had to endure homesick sucks.

Having to wait Anwar Ibrahim & Pakatan Rakyat. to take over Malaysia also sucks.Having to face rude and patronising landlord sucks. Having to hear the sirens of cop cars and emergency vehicles hastily cruised past everyday also sucks. Having uncertain weather outside also sucks. Having people to take you for granted, push you around and victimise you sucks as well.

Luckily one thing don’t suck. Friends.

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