Yorkshireman Visit

joshfA Yorkshireman visit – was actually the second Mat Salleh visit to my house, and they are both Brits but they don’t know each other. It was Chong Mei’s (my cousin) boyfriend made this visit today. They were supposed to attend Granny’s birthday yesterday but they both FFK-ed big time because of travelling woes.

This Yorkshireman Mat Salleh is far more adventurous than my own buddy. He ate almost anything served on the table. Good on you matey, (or Josh F).


Had a chance to mingle and do some chatterboxing with a Brit since I was a celup Brit too, and ouch, I wore an England jersey. What a coincidence, and that (England jersey) struck alot of conversation between us.


Aunt Siew Chan is on Manglish mode, power on aunty at least she is fer’real. Granny was acting half-baked because all the dejavu she had. The last Mat Salleh she saw was right after Merdeka.


Mom was busy bragging in the most humble manner (promoting her food to Mr.Flanagan what else?). And me? I was concentrating with my food man. can’t get enough of those roast duckie!

It was an awesome Sunday lunch by the way. Ah, I got to swap my macro lens with Chong Mei’s Tokina wide angle. Awesum.

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