A Snort Visit to Wild Boar Temple at Zenith Park

wild boar temple zenith park taipingLiving in a superstitious society, Malaysians has always resorted in believing such practices that enhances well-being and wealth. One of the most common is asking for four-digits, others are for curing incurable disease and the rest is all about luck and wealth to the family of the asker. I never heard of this temple before but the trip to this temple is being strongly suggested by my aunt who superstitiously believe in good luck.

So off we go to Zenith Park located in the east-side of  Taiping town. The journey took some 3 hours passing Bukit Gantang constituency where Nizar Jamaluddin is contesting as an MP. Campaign banners and flags greeted us upon our arrival in Changkat Jering up to Simpang and Taiping.

We reach there near sunset and it was already quite dark. What made us late was the contact misdirected us, hence wasting our time finding our way. Upon reaching only I found out that it was actually a Hindu temple in contrary to my beliefs thinking it was a Chinese Taoist temple of some sort. The visitors are made up of majority Indians and a significant numbers of Chinese. The temple was indeed a night safari of sorts, attracting hundreds of visitors. The peak was of course during the boar’s visit during the sunset.

You will be surprised that these good luck boars are so tame as if they were domesticated naturally!  There was indeed something mystical behind their charming behaviour as they wonder around the temple compound wiggling their tails like your pet dogs! The scene was simply awesome as you will never see the entire herd of boars thronging down the hills behind the temple feeding on food fed by visitors in such a manner.  It was spectacular and it only happens in Sri Jada Muneesvarar Alayam Temple.

Boars are seen aggressive by nature, but only in Sri Jada Muneesvarar Alayam Temple, visitors are able to caress and pat on them. What I’ve heard of this place is there is true testimonials from fortunate visitors that have struck four-digits while others claim that sufferers of incurable illnesses have been cured after stroking the animals.

This place is quite new and reports claimed that these wild boars began frequenting the temple only in April 2008, and as the news travel through the word of mouth, the number of nightly visitors had swelled especially on weekends and public holidays.

To be specific, the boars usually turn up at the temple grounds when the bells rings calling the time for prayers at about 7pm’ish. At one time you can see around 20-30 boars lingering around the area. The entrance is free, with small parking space. However the parking space is not tarmaced. You can buy stuff for offering (to the boars) such as cooked rice for RM1. The sales goes to the temple’s coffers. The wild boars will return to the jungle after some meal, and that is before dawn, how clever!

My aunt bought some stuff and did some prayers along with her mother. My uncle was happily posing with the boars as I did some snapshots on him. I did not do any prayers and offerings but I did pat their heads. I am not entirely superstitious but I don’t mind if some good luck charm struck me! I did quite a number of shots with my DSLR building up a gallery, and here are the pics for your feasting.


Keen on going there for a visit, here’s the address;
Om Sakthi Sri Jada Muneesvarar Alayam Temple,
Jalan Anak Bukit,
Taman Zenith,
Taiping, Perak or

check the map below;

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