New Malaysian Terms After 8th March Political Tsunami

politicaltsunamiThe March 8th political tsunami had made a big impact for Malaysians until new words were coined up. I got this from email circulars which I think is really funny. I have added few more terms below to add up to the list.

Altantuya: Refers to our new …. also refers to ‘that’ Mongolian lady

BABI: Formerly used to refer to the swine family. Now used in Umno circles as an acronym of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim.

Balkis: A Travel and Shopping Club for wives of Umno politicians. membership includes free luxury shopping, gifts and travel.

Bapak Koridor: the politician formerly known as Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Botak: Refers to the ISA minister

Camry: Perakian’s official and most favored car, both by Pakatan Rakyat & independents.

CAT: Used to refer to the feline family. Now it’s an acronym of Competence, Accountability and Transparency coined by Penang’s Pakatan Rakyat leadership.

Democracy Tree: A certain tree underneath which a historic and unusual meeting took place.

Derhaka: a term to describe criticism of the sultans, when anyone other than Umno does it.

Destiny: refers to your firm conviction that it’s your hubby’s turn to be PM.

2 Bukit, 1 Batang: Two hills and one river (what did you think??)

Ghostbusters: A joint Pakatan Rakyat squad used to catch phantom voters during elections.

Glokal: To rape country’s coffers and use the money for international visits.

Hujan asid: Artificial rain that occurs only during demos and protest. Patent pending by the RCMP.

ISA: Ikut Suka Aku. The “Aku” refers to whoever’s in power.

Jelapang Whore: Refers to a certain female DAP state rep from Perak that became independent.

Jimat: a term that used to mean savings or frugality. Now it means to “neutralise” a target. This is an internal code among the Police Special Forces (UTK).

Katak: A term used to describe elected MPs/state reps who jump parties. Known famous kataks are Ibrahim Ali, Nasarauddin, Osman Jailu, Jamaluddin Mat Radzi and Hee Yit Foong.

Katrina: A certain hotel in Batu Pahat with free CCTV coverage. Dunno if they offer breakfast.

Kita kan Serumpun: the phrase used to justify how come a first generation Malaysian could be MB of a state when there are three generations of people still with Red IC.

Kodomo Lion: The son of a guy once lauded as the Lion of Umno.

Makkal Sakthi: A Tamil word literally means ‘People Power’, coined by HINDRAF and borrowed/used by Pakatan Rakyat.

Mat Agogo: An Islamic minister who is a member of a sexy lap dancing troupe.

Mat Tempe: A Javanese ex-MB who loves harassing Selangor State govt.

MB Kudeta/MB Pasola: Referred to Zambry Abd Kadir, Perak’s current illegal MB who siege the post from it’s rightful, Nizar Jamaluddin through usurpation.

Merapatkan Saf: An Umno version of the huddle.

Money politics: A whimsical way to describe buying your way into a political post. Ali Rustam still dunno what it means.

Mongolia Mari/’That Woman’: refers to murdered Mongolian woman Altantuya.

Moon Represents My Heart: Technically a song by Teresa Teng, being made a slogan by PAS’ Pakatan Rakyat Chinese counterparts (mainly DAP & PKR) to lobby support from Chinese voters in predominantly Chinese majority areas to vote for PAS.

Musang: Malaysia’s most hated cop.

Nga-Ngeh: Boogey used by UMNO to scare off Perakian Malays

Old ways: Referring to a time when Umno was stronger; where every taxi permit had to be endorsed by and Umno division chief, among others.

PEKIDA: A Malay ultra-nationalist NGO who is also known as geng tarik kereta usually an UMNO mob squad who were assigned to disrupt Pakatan Rakyat’s activities.

Permodalan Negeri Selangor Bhd: The party that picks up the tab for political wives’ shopping and travel.

Phantom voter: Dead people exercising their democratic right.

Reservoir Dogs: Perak Assembly Speaker V.Sivakumar’s team of bodyguards.

Riot Police: A police squad who causes riot, only available in Malaysia.

Sembah derhaka: A sentence with two meanings depending on which side you’re on, Pakatan Rakyat or BN. A ‘sorry’ sentence to the Sultan that made Perak a ‘sorrier state’.

Scorpene: A submarine jointly developed by French company DCNS and Spanish company Navantia who was made famous by the Altantuya case.

Sivaji da Boss: A big fan of Anwar Ibrahim?

Specialist Instigators: what some insecure folks call bloggers.

Superpoke: To have allegedly anally violated someone against his will.

Surat khabar lama: An old irrelevant person in Malaysia’s current politics.

To be a Kugan: To die in police custody.

To be a Toyol: To behave like Selangor ex-MB, Khir Toyo. Toyol is a child-ghost who was trained to steal based on Malay-folklore.

To do an Ahmad: To call other people immigrants.

To do a Bala: refers to an act where you make two contradicting statutory declaration, and then disappear.

To do a Gobind: To ask questions, get kicked out and banned.

To do a Guan Eng: Non Muslims that uses quranic verses for the good of mankind.

To do a Hee: To jump ship for the sake of a car.

To do a Khairy: 1) To behave mischievously and get away scot free. 2) A person who was made glamorous by his/her mischievous lifestyle.

To do a PEKIDA: To practice legal gangsterism openly with the head-nod of the police.

To do a Soi Lek: To cheat on your wife and get away scot free

Technical visit: Holidays and shopping trips by local politicians and their families to places like Disneyland, Dubai and Paris.

Tempe: 1) A substance, the oral ingestion of which would make your sagging skin tight again. 2) A person who has successful treatment using above-mentioned substance.

Traitor: Anyone who questions Umno way of doing things.

Tun Perak: The new nomme de plumme for Dato Seri Ir.Nizar Jamaluddin referred as the modern day hero in Malaysian politics.

Unit Amal: Vigilante police who constantly get harassed by the riot police.

Virtual Station: An operational blogging base for Pakatan Rakyat bloggers who (normally) follow-up by-election or elections.

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