Bad Shooting

I went to Mount Edgecumbe today with Dave for another session of test shooting with my camera. The weather was alright as it was the longest sunny day in this week. This was the opportunity that I have been looking forward for as previous weeks had been terrible with spells and showers throughout the day and night as we are still officially sill in the winter season.

Our drive took us to the coast of Freathy, Withsand Bay – our favorite place for summer picnics. Instead of walking down the beach like we used to, Dave pulled aside near the cliffs of Freathy where the location was quite strategic to capture shots of the bay.

From the east horizon, some wartime battery was visible up to the west coast where some small peninsula lies wth small coastal town around it. I took a few shots, one with my kit lens and another one with my 90-300mm. Nothing so interesting as aftershots reveals that I have made some mistakes in my shots due to the bad settings.

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