Cornwall Photo Shoot

cwSo my DSLR is one month old now and I am decided to take them out for a treat, a photography treat and a weekend stroll in Cornwall with Dave. We crossed to Cornwall via Devonport and drove to Freathy & Whitsand Bay before ending up in Cawsand & Kingsand

It was my first time in Cawsand & Kingsand. It was really small town build side by side divided by a cliff on Kingsand’s end. From the to you can see the beach and houses.

It was an ideal spot for weekend walks. I manage to took some shoots in Whitsand Bay by the road side. Shooting a few batteries on the horizon with Freathy as the backdrop.

As in Kingsand, I manage to shoot the quiet lanes in the town and the beach. It is all trial and error as I am still struggling to understand the terminology of this camera and also the techniques.

Well, it might be my crappy first time, but it is a worthwhile outing.

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