My Photography Arsenal

I am in a rampage of gathering arsenals for my camera and I eventually come up with some list, not a wishy-washy list, but a ‘hitlist’. The only thing hurtful is the wallet as it hit it bad, and alot of damages been done already and I hope to recover after this spree, so lord help me.

Damages done so far;

  1. Sandisk Extreme IV 4 Compact Flash CF 4GB, £26.18
  2. Canon 40D LCD Screen Hood Protector, £9.98
  3. Opton Macro & Clos-up filters, £14.78
  4. Hoya58mm UV filter, £8.45
  5. Canon EOS 40D, £600
  6. Canon EFS 18-55mm kit lens, £30.00
  7. Canon EFS 90-300mm lens, £75.00

Next targets;

  1. Slik 300 series tripod
  2. Polariser filter
  3. Skylight filter
  4. RGB filter
  5. NDG filter
  6. Tamrac Expedition 4/5 bag
  7. Canon EFS 50mm f1.8 prime lens
  8. Sigma 18-125mm f2.8/f3.5 lens
  9. Canon RS-80N3 Shutter remote control
  10. Macro lens

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