Cleaning & Auctioning

Been cleaning up my room lately to prepare myself to leave for home. My room has been cramped with lots of boxes filled up with electronic and computer parts. Not to mention collectibles and photography gears. After serious contemplation I have decided to sell some of my lenses. All in all is 3 of them which was 2 Canon lenses – a kit lens and a 90-300mm telephoto. The third one was a Sigma kit lens, i bought it wrongly as the seller did not specify what fit it was.

The rest was some old DVDs that was new and unused. Also sold off some of my Transformers collectibles. Those are extras or redundant items that comes from lot buying. I kept the ones I want, and sold off the ones I don’t need.

This was a massive cleanup before moving out in September and probably heading home soon after that. I hope I don’t have to repeat this process before moving out. The biggest pain is to ship them home. Well, I guess I’ll have to face that soon.

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