Cybertron Down II

transmy.jpgTransMY was down again. The last I logged was an hour before midnight. Upon loading the page, I was shocked to be greeted by error 402. Sensing something wasn’t right, I checked my FTP. Fortunately my FTP was still functional, but I was sadden that my webserver was empty.

The only remaining file and folder was found was a com_expose component in the component folder. I was surprised and appalled for the first time in my webmastering years, something like this could have happen.

I would want to fired up an email to my webhoster who might be responsible for this disruption. I still couldn’t understand why the files has gone missing. Is this premeditated and deliberate because TransMY was so populated with traffic??

Immediately I messaged fellow members about the outage. Since Malaysia is still in the wee hours of the morning, I wouldn’t expect any immediate replies from them so soon. All I did as fast as I could was to revive the site ASAP by uploading the backups that I have downloaded last month right after the first ‘attack’.

Still puzzled and shocked, I just couldn’t believe this is the second time happening especially during the height of TransMY’s popularity.

I am still trying to solve this mystery, and hope to get answers soon.

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16 years ago

missing files? wtf?