DSLR Beginning

My Canon EOS 40D finally arrived in the afternoon, 28th Dec 2007. This mark the start of my serious involvement in photography. It is one of my most remarkable leap in my interest in this field. Previously, have been a proud owner of Canon A95, my learning curve and knowledge was shaped from using it. I came armed with it each time I’m out and about making me one of the cameraman in our gang besides Seon & Keng Woo.

Just nearly 4 years ago, I realise the need to record and archive my memories, hence the makeover in acquiring a compact digicam. All in total I have made three advancements in my photography lifetime during my stay in the UK. The first was 2001 when I acquired my very own point & shoot camera, also a Canon Powershot (forgot the model name!) using films cartridges.

The digicam was bought just before my trip to Scotland in September 2004 and being a proud owner using it, I did have difficulties ‘parting’ with it. The cam has helped me treasured more than a thousand memories in my personal gallery resided in my PC. Those were the times I have actually learned the difference between auto mode and creative modes, white balances, exposure compensation, aperture and shutter speed. I didn’t delve much deeper because of the limitations that I got and therefore the only thing amiss from that learning curve was understanding lenses.

My hopes of having a DSLR is to further improve my skills, learn new stuff and of course treasuring future memories that just waiting for me to capture and archive. Who knows perhaps someday I might take it seriously and start making a career or money out of it.

What hurt the most of having a newly released DSLR was the cash. In order to build up your ‘arsenal’, cash need to fund lenses, gears, filters, and all other accessories that doesn’t come with the pack. Even a decent but good branded 8GB CF memory card can already hurt the wallet moreover other stuffs as well.

In order to achieve this I really need to fork out more cash to slowly fund this expensive hobby. I cannot afford to start acquiring stuffs in a whim. It will be damaging in the long run. Sometimes I curse myself for having a lot of expensive hobbies (not to mention my hobby in Transformers collecting) but I am who I am. But i came to realise that I need to cut down ‘falling’ in love with more hobbies as photography can be an absolute killer already.

Soon I need to have a list of gears that I need to complete this. I have already got 2 CF’s to complement this where one was purchased off ebay with a cheap deal and the other one that comes free within the package. Since the package was bought as body only, I need to start finding a cheap kit lens to complement it to kick start. Luckily though a colleague was willing to sell his lenses for only £105 for an 18-55mm mid wide-angle and a 90-300mm tele lens which was pretty decent.

As soon as the cam arrived, I have already had the basic gear to start shooting and my preparedness does paid off.

From now on, I will feature my journey into photography in my upcoming posts. Will probably share some tips and knowledges if I do come across one.


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