Final GRAWing of the Year

Forget the camera for the moment cos we be fraggin like mad in Mission 9: Codename Farallon based in Caballo Butte Dam Texas and still cannot finish it! We died like nearly 30 times!! The good thing about dying is it keeps you playing and thus very economical to save up your cash. The downside is it drives us insane.

I haven’t mention anything about GRAW 2 and here goes;

GRAW2 was excellent as the gameplay was very immersive added with excellent audio visuals all round. The scenario comes with ample of chaingun action and explosives bringing you near reality combat simulations. You are able to command vehicles and AI’s and the overall game is good value for your money. If you are a fan of multiplayers, this is a must have.

The only downside is the AI, that needs improvements in terms of ‘intelligence’ as they weren’t tailored to be that clever enough! Most missions are short and mostly predictable. AI’s can be very annoying as they can dive in critical situations with no counter measure at all. They get killed very easily. Despite that, the best AI’s available goes to the heavy gunner, and the crappiest was the sniper IMHO.

Well, during the time I was blogging about this, the scenario wasn’t finished, and it seems like we will finish this last bit next year that is next week!

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