AVP2: Requiem

Watched AVP2 today. It was our first cinema outing in 2008 started with a horror flick. I say horror is because of the gory stuff that the movie had to offer. The cinema was packed as this is still a holiday season, and alot of youngsters thronging in.

Well AVP2 is about a crossover battle that nobody wanted to see in the first place, but it was back for the second time. That shows fans eventually did accepted the crossover as a matured one. This movie is directed by Colin and Greg Strause, who determined to make a thrilling movie. If you are looking for an upside to the current writers’ strike, take relief in the fact that it could only delay the expected “Alien vs. Predator 3.”

The movie starts when a Predator’s spaceship collapses into an isolated Colorado town due to an attack by stowaway Alien face-huggers. The Aliens infect the Predator resulting in a grotesque Alien/Predator hybrid monster that terrifies the simple country folk of the small mountain town. On top of Aliens running wild throughout the town, another Predator has raveled from “Predator-ville” to take revenge of the death of his comrade. Who knew the Predators lived by a stringent code of honor. This proves that the Predator character has more depth than any of the horribly acted human characters.

For a film with the word “versus” in the title, there is a probability of intense action that would start in the very first scene and never let up. The first half of the movie is almost wasted in establishing clichéd characters whose names were so unique that you won’t even remember even after the end of the movie. The boring subplots get interesting only in the way of the inter-alien rampage everyone paid to see. The movie has little to invoke sympathy for the characters as the audience still cheers as each of them dies by the blade of some techno-spear wielded by the Predator or by the mouthed tongue of the Aliens.

AVP2 can be classified as a mediocre horror movie with science fiction undertones which merely appeal fans of gore. I am not expecting something big out of this movie as this was mere entertainment. I have heard alot of critic about it and I am pretty satisfied as it turned out quiet okay. Well for entertainment, what more can you ask for?

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