Whoa, Weed Growing

Whoa…a hiatus! I didn’t realise that I grow weeds here already. Just had my webhost shifted to a local one (yes, Malaysian lah) recently as my old webhost suddenly fucked up for no reason after performing so well for nearly 2 years. Not sure why, but their quality of service & tech-support had dwindled down to a level that communicating with them by all means is a pain, fruitless and useless effort.

The ties was then severed because they can no more offer me a good service, so I decided to ask them to get lost, and here I am now in a new home, back to my own soil. All thanks to ipserverone who let this happen!

So in weeks to come I will post up all my drafts which was backdated posts that got stucked somewhere in my dashboard waiting to be published. All the backlogs is also due to the fact that the DNS of the old webhost was blacklisted by spam catchers. So, in that situation logging in to my own control panel is impossible because of the blockade. Thanks to the old webhost who had culprits run unsolicited activities in their shared hosting thus affecting all innocent clients and yet they choose to pick on good clients like us/me. So they asked for it, and the result is of me being here now of course.

By the time of this writing, an annoying message was flashing in the control panel asking me to upgrade WordPress to a newer version. Damn, thats fast?! I remembered like upgrading it before X’mas I guess? Gosh, gotta keep up with the techs or I’ll be left catching up forever.

Adios for now.

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16 years ago

Server in Malaysia? Ok.. now ISA can be used on you. Haha.

Welcome home.

Me: Yeah, understand that..thats the cons of the whole migration. Hafta practise elf scrutinisation from now on i guess.