Die Hard 4

dh4_00.jpgDirector: Len Wiseman
Genre: Action/Thriller
Starring: Bruce Willis (Det. John McClane), Timothy Olyphant (Thomas Gabriel), Justin Long (Matthew Farrell), & Maggie Q (Mai Lihn)
Plot: McClane vs a rogue and frustrated dumb-fuck FBI agent who plays internet to get monies.

Die Hard 4; known as Live Free or Die Hard in certain countries are the 4th installment of my all-time favorite action flick. Starred by Bruce Willis who was one of my favorite action movie hero; this flick promised the same destruction that Willis had offered in his previous shows.

We have seen cars, trucks, buildings, planes, and helicopters blown up. Let’s see whats blowing up this time!
dh4_01.jpgThe story begin when abunch of hackers who helped Thomas Gabriel, a rogue and frustrated FBI agent to breach the national security, was assassinated in cold blood because of his refusal to pay them.

This leads to McClane who was summoned by FBI (surprisingly! as he is not an FBI agent) to investigate the breach.

Such a coincidence that the suspect (Farrell) that McClane supposed to investigate, was in fact the next target for assassination.

McClane was then dragged into a drama that he have no knowledge about. He was then responsible in protecting Farrell driven by his overzealousness, with Gabriel’s hitman hot on his tails at the same time. Along damages done just to kill Farrell, Gabriel’s henchmen managed to jam DC traffic system, shutting down stock market and re-routing pipelines to kill McClane after learning that McClane has killed his chick.

Aww, it’s strapless and braless. Eh? For real?

Their evasive strategy eventually leads them to another ally; Warlock a well known computer hacker who is Farrell’s partner in crime in their cyberworld. The trio then learnt about Gabriel’s background and frustrations against the FBI. Their session was then interrupted when Gabriel announced to them that Lucy has been taken custody. With Warlock’s help, he was able to determine Gabriel’s location by his IP, that leads to a hijacked NSA building.

All I need is a shade…a shade is all I need…

Using Lucy as bait, Gabriel lured McClane to his hideout, where they discovered about Gabriel’s sinister plan to steal backup financial information from servers in the building. Farrell was then able to deter the transfers made by Gabriel out of their server hack only half-way before he was taken hostage himself.

Now! Get out of my house!!

Gabriel and co. was able to flee the building with their hostages with McClane trailing them in a hijacked truck. They play cat and mouse game rampaging the streets of DC causing much traffic desruption, explotion and chaos, the McClane way.

I see no pavement, so I walk on cars instead. Hey’I’m McClane..

Desperate and furious, McClane made contact with FBI chief, Bowman with the help of Warlock to ID the vehicle that Gariel was travelling with. Sensing intense annoyance with McClane’s pursuit, Gabriel send a hacked command to a confused pilot of a F-35 Lightning II jet to attack McClane’s truck. Assuming official command, the pilot then engaged McClane with his jet while Farrell was forced to decrypt the code at gunpoint.

I can’t fly, so I make the car fly instead. Heck, it was longgg wayyy man..

McClane then managed to subdue the jet and fell off near Gabriel’s rendezvous point which was an abandon warehouse. FBI who responded was on their way there with some elite squad. McClane arrived first and some fights and gunfire ensued leaving all the crooks dead. Both Farrell and Lucy escaped safely with minor injuries.

During their ordeal, Lucy developed a crush on Farrell and the rest wrap up another series of Die Hard franchise.

One bad chinki-eye motha-fuckin badass-bitch vs IT geek.

If you are an IT geek, you will find this show informative. If you are fan of plotless action movie, this movie serves well too. Other than that you mushy lovey dovey flick lovers should go elsewhere enjoying your lollies. This show is a no-go area for the faint-hearted! I give it a decent 4 stars.

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