Memoirs of A Geisha

Director: Rob Marshall
Genre: Drama/Romance
Starring: Ziyi Zhang (Chiyo/Sayuri), Suzuka Ohgo (Young Chiyo), Michelle Yeoh (Mameha), Ken Watanabe (The Chairman), Kôji Yakusho (Nobu), Youki Kudoh (Pumpkin), & Li Gong (Hatsumomo)
Plot: Nitta Sayuri reveals how she transcended her fishing-village roots and became one of Japan’s most celebrated geisha.

Memoirs of A Geisha
Spoiler: She learnt her lesson about friendship & betrayal, & unites with her old love.
My rating: 4star

Memoirs of a Geisha is a richly cultured story of one Geisha’s life. It started of as Chiyo (Suzuka Ohgo) as she is sold from her poor fishing village, leaving her ill-dying mom & a skint dad to a renown Geisha House in Gion in the late 1920’s. In this house Chiyo is transformed from an inquisitive young girl to Sayuri the most sought after Geisha in Gion.

As Sayuri rises to the height of her profession, World War II erupts and she must use the influence of one her patrons to save her life. In the end she will find the price for his help is more than she can pay. This story weaves a wonderfully provocative tale of one womans destiny and the one true love of her life.

In this movie besides the main stars such as Gong Li (Hatsumomo), Michelle Yeoh (Mameha), & Ken Watanabe (Chairman), you will also notice some cameo appearances by prominent Hongkong & Hollywood stars such as Kenneth Tsang (famous with TVB soaps) & Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (famous being a baddie in martial arts films). Overall, the movie was superb, i had no qualms at all.

Just surprised to see some people left the cinema half way thorugh the movie particularly the front row where 2 people left for the first hour & 3 people left 45 minutes before ending. Maybe they were expecting some samurai sowrdfight in this classic flick. LOL. Stupid buggers. Maybe it was too obnoxiously Jappie for them.

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