They’re Nearer (Pt.2)

tfmt3_01.jpgMany of you might wonder why I am pimping this movie (Transformers) so much despite the fact that the movie is not released yet? First and foremost, this show is worth the pimp because the show was associated to almost each and every golden kid of the 80’s that was brought to live eventually and had one of the world’s most biggest and phenomenal fan club too. It is also worth the pimp is because for each update there will be new exciting spoils that almost non-related to the latter.

That means, for each update there will be new spoliers exposed. For some it might be such a spoil to the fun of waiting, but for me the whole phenomenon just basically help heighten and speed-up the hype of the show itself virally.

Shia LaBeouf as Sam ‘Spike’ Witwicky – the main human male cast.

Captain Lennox (Josh Duhamel) posing with Ratchet, in his alternate mode.

Ratchet rolling out!

Jazzy display of Pontiac

So for this latest update, the biggest spoiler of all time is this featurette is the appearance of Optimus Prime himself; talking to the humans in all his glory with Starscream transforming from his alternate mode to his botty mode like a gorilla!

Killer pose in the DESERT!

Megan Fox ..foxxy eh?

Camero with a nice backdrop

The clip was somehow leaked from unknown sources with a clear ‘Property of Paramount Picture’ disclaimer in every frame of the clip that actually make that clip highly P&C. Unsure how it was leaked but it seems like Paramount Pictures was actively tracking down uploaders in Youtube and other media streaming sites to ensure the leak was minimized as possible.

Ironhide in action. Used to be a red van, but he is a black pickup now.

She said she saw dem robots

Urban warfare – human vs bots

Some fans offered download from their site in WMV format where I wont disclose, but good news travel fast. Since we can’t get the whole clip here, there are already self-edited clips tat fans uploaded in Youtube that contain samples of the main spoilers.

Sam – the fugitive of the mechas.

“What da??”

Bumbleebee…baby faced??

Maggie’s side..the dark side

Prime’s side, the good side.

And the humans in the middle…scary eh?

I won’t disclose directly which sequence in the clip, but you can easily tell by looking it down here compiled as a G1 based theme instrumental.


The countdown in ongoing and we will expect to see more and more snippets being leaked out or officially publicised by the transformers fan community.

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17 years ago

Cool. Can’t wait for them to be officially up. Not a big fan of them robots, but considering all the hi-tech thingy, worth the watch. We shall see….
p/s: nice pix though ^_^ ta!

Me: Certainly not only fans lah..also for the kids like us from the golden age of 80’s, and also to admire the techology. Sometimes we need a change of taste in filming lah, instead of seeing humans do the act all the time, why not robots do the act this time with minimal presence of humans? Humans are so damn sien…hehe