Tokyo Drift

Direcor: Justin Lin
Genre: Action/Crime
Starring: Lucas Black (Sean Boswell), Zachery Ty Bryan (Clay), Nikki Griffin (Cindy), Brian Tee (Drift King) & Sonny Chiba (Kamata)
Plot: Sean Boswell, a school punk being sent to live with his separated father in Japan in order to avoid a jail sentence. His passion for cars & race brough him to an underground scene of drifting where gangster rules drifting scene & other dodgy undergoing behind it.

Tokyo Drift

Nothing much I could say about this story. Is a very simple plot. It all evolves about the life of Sean Boswell. A punk in school who love cars. Being picked & challenged by other punk just to impress a girl. Both raced & get into a mishap, ended up in police. Police ‘pardoned’ him by sending him off to Japan for an ‘excursion’ under his father’s supervision. His ex-army dad was strict cos he enforced military style discipline – curfew & all that shit. Sean rebelled, mingled with the wrong crew & get involved with the Japanese underworld who rule the drifting scene.

The drifting scene was dominated by two rival gangs. Sean chose sides & happens to have a crush on the other gangster leader’s chick. Gangster leader went furious trying to frame him. In the attempt he murdered some of his mate. In the finale they raced down hill to prove that who’s the shenanigan.

Crook die. Get girl. Plotless I should say.

This movie is strictly to entertain the car fans – a good showcase if Subaru’s, Mazda RX’s & other heavily modded cars. Also this show’s aim is to introduce drifting.

Drifting sites: &

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