Freelance web projectI have just accomplished a freelance web project for a restaurant by upgrading its site from a traditional HTML based site to a database driven site with a database as the backend powered by PHP. The site endorses strict XHTML rules, SEO-able and more information centric than ever as it was delivered as a portal like running on a CMS (Content Management System).

The site contains information of what a restaurant should have – bit of background, location of where to find it, their business details such as opening times, and booking info. Their menu was organised in a downloadable mechanism called ‘Remository’ powered by Joomla. Other than that it contains forum for interaction, a poll block and also news feed fed via a blogging style.

The freelanced product..and now the monay?

It is a new implementation on what was meant to be strictly business only. With the emergence of blog culture, I am positive that catering biz would want to be an ardent storyteller to their ‘ardent’ audience informing them about their latest updates in a jiffy whenever amendment happens, and whenever event took place.

Ready for CMS, and blog? Database driven site rules!

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