Guy Fawkes & A LAN Party

Went to Dave’s place again for a LAN party playing Ghost Recon. We have been playing it for a month now and we are nearing the final level of the cooperative mode that in ‘Fierce Resistance’. Joining us is JX, a newbie who is catching up well in the game. We started at 4pm and nearly 7pm, CJ and Purav joined after finishing some business of their own.

Being a ‘virgin’ in th game, Purav played alongside us in one of the toughest levels instead of coaching him in beginner levels!

Judging from the restarts that we all have to go through, I am sure that is gonna take long for us to finish this game. At least, this will keep us occupied until some new stuff was available in the market.

Before game continued for the 2nd session, we took a break having fun outside with some fireworks due to Guy Fawkes Day aka Bonfire Night. Since we are far away from Bonfire venues, we are celebrating among ourselves in Dave’s backyard accompanied with Roger, Helen & Aeryn.

As usual, I’ll let the piccies do the talking cos I am not going to run through the levels that we have played that evening!


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