New Graphics Card

We have just switched over to GRAW2 and due to demanding needs of the gaming nature, I have to abandon my Radeon x1500. Got a PNY NVIDIA Geforce 7300GT from PC World discounted around 15%, we make our way to our LAN party HQ.

Dissected the PC immediately and fitted the new graphic cards in. Works so well on first run. Fine tune the settings to get things minimal so that the CPU won’t struggle juicing out resources during the game. During the break having dinner, I did updates on the driver. The result is amazing. The gameplay performance is much smoother. Jerks almost non-existent compared to the time before updating.

The only downside is, I need to struggle by Googling around for the drivers because PNY doesn’t actually offer them in their own website. Since PNY is just a subcontracted company by the main licenser, NVIDIA, the drivers need to be sought in the main site. I really don’t understand why the drivers are not made available in their subcontracted clients? Obtaining the driver from the main site is handy, as navigations are very user friendly in NVIDIA’s site.

All in all, I have one lesson learnt – it is actually pointless fishing for second hand cards in Ebay as they don’t make your investment worthwhile. My Radeon X1500 only lasted 2 months. This is because the seller knew that the card’s lifetime is just around the corner and therefore decided to put in on auction to make the final quick buck out of this soon-to-be-scrap heap.

Though I agree it is costly for a new one, but it makes a big different investing them in a long run!

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