TF3 Will Be Emotional Bay Says

bumblebeeMovie sequels should be accumulating climaxes, and unleashing all on the epic’s ending. However Michael Bay is being bold this time by declaring it early to the fans that TF3 will be less action and more emotion? What the fuck? I am not sure how to react. Sad? Happy? ROTF has plenty of action, and if TF3 is going to cut half of those scene, is like making love half way being hampered by your suddenly flaccid dick!

ROTF has made it to the number 1’s prior to it’s DVD & Blu-Ray release. Congrats to that. I haven’t had my copy yet, but from what Michael Bay said, “The All Spark Experiment” thingy in the disc is the easter egg of TF3. If you are patient enough to dig it, you might find some clues of the upcoming sequel.

This is what he said in the most recent interview regarding TF3;

“It can’t get bigger, we have to figure out to go sideways and I’m wondering where to start. What I’m doing is having Hasbro send me tons of lore and stuff like that, things that we can draw from, and I just have to let it simmer.


Definitely more has to be made of Bumblebee in the third one, that’s a relationship you want to explore more. And I think we’re definitely going to get more into the robot characters.

This movie got very big, very grand, we’ve covered a lot of ground. The third one doesn’t have to be as big, we could go darker. It definitely has to be more emotional, it not going to be just about action, action, action. And that’s where I think T3 might potentially go, where things are more undercover and not as exposed.”

So, Bee isn’t going to be dead, crap. I can’t imagine how many more repackaging of BB’s toy we gonna have until the real part ends. However, I like the ‘dark’ part, and hopefully it is going to be sinister and chaotic. The emotional bit is a bit vague. I will rant more when things are much clearer.

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