Down To KL (Day 1)

puduI left Bidor at 3.15pm, heading towards KL. The weather was fine along the way despite the fact that it was being rainy daily. Upon reaching the entrance of KL, there was a sudden surge of traffic heading towards Jalan Duta (as usual). Bro called me at 4.30pm telling me that he just started his journey and stranded in LDP.

I told him it was OK, cos’ my coach still need at least 30 mins to struggle through the bottleneck. Eventually, reached Pudu, hopped off and walked towards Shell. It was starting to drizzle and hasten my phase until I reach to a junction heading to Times Square at BB Road. Heh? Where’s the frickin’ Shell station?

It then rained heavily and I called bro that I couldn’t find Shell. He told me that station was abandoned! I sighed cos’ I bet the signs of the old station has been strapped off that is why I walked past it I could not identify it. So i waited more than half an hour at Berjaya Times Square bus stop before bro reach. It was wet along the way and bottlenecks everywhere.

We reached home nearly 7pm, thanks to Klang Valley traffic for consuming most our time on that wet tarmac. Since it was near dinner time, we try to gather some fellas to join us for dinner. Bee was then on the way too, so joining us to dinner is Ryu and missus with 4 of us. Rezall dropped off last minute. We initially planned to gather at SS15’s Asiacafe but we could not get a parking space as it was so packed with thronging people and vehicles. Bro did few rounds searching for space but failed to get one and then we opted for a change of plan, by heading to Salmon Steak Cafe.

It wasn’t that many when we reached, so we find ourselves a good place to sit. Ryu arrived when our dishes arrived. I had my Beef Steak while Bee was having a Mushroom Steak. I got my Neo Protectobots Hot Spot in hand, erm..with missing missiles and pistol. Thanks to Ryu by the way. Everyone was chatting away until near midnight when the waitress suddenly billed us. We knew then they were about to close. So we settled the check and headed home bidding goodbye to Ryu and wifey.

Nothing much happening as it was late already. so we proceeded to sleep.

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