Bro’s Birthday, 2012 Among Other Things

pizzabdayWe both woke up late, it was already past noon, and our plans is still on – watching an apocalyptic movie, 2012 on a non-apocalyptic day in Tropicana City Mall! Bee got coupons of Subway, and we both get 6-inchers and pay only drinks and extras. It was a quickie though as we were only half hour away to screening.

Since we were both fast eaters, we made it early to the queue. There weren’t that many visitors as maybe it was still early in the noon. Our show eventually starts at 2pm.

I think 2012 is a good reminder to mankind, and that makes me wonder if majority of the viewers are churchy feely or god-fearing people. LOL. Bee disagrees. I haven’t had a good sleep the night before, so I did doze off for a weeny minute of 5-10 (I guess). Luckily Bee did not elbow me like she used to cos’ she didn’t realize I was dozing off.

The show was then over when everyone made their exit at 4.45pm. I bet everyone who exited became more god-fearing then ever! We wondered around the boutique as some dresses caught Bee’s eyes. I can’t help it but to walk around tailgating Bee from behind.

I then made a quick call to bro asking him what’s on for the night as it was his birthday. There were then a switch of plans when bro decided we gonna have pizzas for the evening.

We left Tropicana City Mall at 6-ish pm. Outside was raining-mad (not raining men) and LDP was really congested with people thronging to Sunway or eateries of their choice for dinner. Soon there were bottlenecks as we were approaching Fed bridge when there’s a small accident occurred on the right lane. Two men was seen arguing with one another under their respective umbrella. Lame.

After the accident scene, traffic was smooth. Reaching USJ24 was a fly. We all gathered at bro’s room and they come to a decision of what they want to order. Orders was soon made via the phone and they reached around 40 minutes later. Bro was presented with pressies, a Leader ROTF Optimus Prime from wifey, a Crossovers TF and a Voyager ROTF Stratosphere from Bee, Sis and myself.

I missed UK Dominos and my gluttony has gone my way. Phew, it was cold outside.

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