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Today I met up with my cousin into discussing about a business. We hangout at the mamak in USJ and chatted all evening regarding her plans of setting up a food delivery business. Her plan is to set up the first delivery outlet serving KL’s business district.

While I had no knowledge of how the business operates, the idea is to build an ecommerce website with some custom functions which fits her requirements. Since building an ecommerce site from scratch  is not my forte, I kept reminding her that I can only offer her an open source ecommerce software with some modded parts.

In the discussion, she seemed passionate about her business plan and will fight for what it takes to materialize it. As for myself, I was in the midst of setting up my own internet marketing business and having discuss this today quickly absorbed more ideas into my thinking to be implemented as part of my business offering.

It is still too early to tell as I am still waiting for directives so I put the venture plan as KIV at the moment until I get clearer directives of how it will be done.

I am thinking of tinkering with Magento as I long to play around with this so-called techie OS ecommerce.

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