Selangor Science Park 2 Gets A New Name, Soon

bajassp2Today, I can’t help by not looking at the contents of this email that TMNet sent me. It was a competition organised by PKNS. Surprised eh? The competition is all about playing with our creativity in coming up with a new name for an upcoming township of Selangor Science Park 2 (SSP2) located in Bukit Baja, Sepang.

To join this competition is peanuts. No slogan and no fees needed. All you need is lots of names, lots of them in a single participation! Just put your brilliant mind behind the name of an entire township and win RM3,000 cash. Other winners will be presented with mystery gifts.


However, the naming must fall within these guidelines; your idea of naming must evolve around intelligent technology (it’s a science park duh?), urban contemporary modern living, integrated (vague, dunno what it means), strategic location (baja spells fertile yo) and the organisers just tell it to your face that the word ‘cyber’ is banned at all costs.

Try your luck, and who knows you will have the entire township owing you for their coolness.

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