TransMY’s 3rd Gathering

tmy.jpgTransMY’s 3rd gath this year was done in pure style. Instead of hosting the gath in some dinky restaurants, the gath will be run in the same portion of the concourse where the displays were exhibited. We were allocated a space of our own with stage and of course, chairs! Our committee guys will have their stuff setup.

Me and Mike have this planned like only a month before the date. Here are roughly of what’s planned for the upcoming gath.

Activities planned

Transformers Robotcon 2007 – Malaysia’s own!

Our space

11am – The gath starts with registrations just like all event does. Check-in names, giveaway their attendee tags and goodies. Nearly 80 people attended, with some female members (some are partners to the members) not to be surprised! That proves girls aren’t such a spoil-sport after all.


Attendance tags – TransMY’s culture & custom for 3 years now

12pm – My bro, Mike who is the co-founder make an opening address to the crowd and thanking the committee and members who have helped and attended the gathering.

Thank u for blablabla..blablabla.

The session continues with some ice-breaking which was our way to-get-to-know-you among members. Is a way for old timers and new timers to know one another and hopefully to make new friends and contacts.

Old timers jeering newbies?

Ya know..I’m old as gold..

Mike manage to recap on few things, a brief review about TransMY’s past and future plans and what we have installed for the ardent members. Among all, our gatherings will never be the same again. It’s gonna be pure convention style all the way.

Next time we do gathering picnic style in taman..amacam??

Who got problems sitting on a tikar sejadah, tell me.

The session take a little break from speeches and mike annoyance to go makan! That is where the socialising part cames in. This is the chace to get to know people. I just couldn’t suggest a better idea of socialising in makan session other than this.

Makan makan and tengok TV

Then members were taken on ‘tour’ to the exhibits. Many of them haven’t seen it as some only came in day 2 of the event. And being attached to the session, is wise that attendees have a quick glance of what’s on display since they are sharing part of the glory as well.

Review review and some quiz?

There were stage games too organised by MyEvents. TransMY had some part when they had to borrow some of our crews to man the slot. All the competitions in this slot were open to public participation.

Ok…I give you this to transform as fast, but don’t cilok and bring home ok?

Uncle uncle, I wan your present can?

Auction was one of the fun part as members and public are so supportive towards bidding almost anything that they could find in the auction. The slot was run by Mike and C-Loco, ex-member of Poetic Ammo.

Who wan this? I kept it in the toilet for 20 years!

Ok crowds..keep your hands off the stage and the toys!

The almost final part was the lucky draw, which was the 2nd last session before everything wrapped up. raffle prove to be one of the most sought after slot in every gathering as members put every bit of their faith in their luck to at least strike something for a token back home. It also can be the most heart-wrenching moment for emotional members who achieved almost a near-strike to the winning numbers announced.

Happy people

The winners of the lucky draw are Eyeris, Alphatrion, Raptor_15, Takato and Ashcon. The exclusives are proudly presented by Ryukaze on behalf of his RK Design.

Monk on TV

We have unexpected guests in the gathering that was the media! TransMY wasn’t expecting them to be honest as we assume that no one would be interested to watch or listen coverage about big grown up toys with ‘so-called’ kiddie toys! The pic above was the highlight of the upcoming interview of Mike and a resident member in Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI) the week after.

The people I

Proud attendees.

2009 TF II I will be running this again!

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